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The one thing your house can do is out shine all other houses in your neighborhood by how clean your windows are compared to theirs. Keeping them clean is not easy.  It takes cleaning them weekly sometimes, just so you can see out of them.  Clean windows done by your cave creek window cleaner can  also help with your power bill, believe it or not. A residential window cleaning service is the answer to your window cleaning problems.


When your windows are clean and shiny, it allows more light to come into your house.  That way you don’t have to turn on lamps and overhead lights in order to be comfortable while reading, dining, or enjoying the family.  Windows get dirty just being windows.


The rain, wind, snow, dust, and other things outside tend to stick to the windows, not to mention what you and your family can put in the inside of the windows.  Cleaning them takes time and a little expertise to clean window without streaks or marks left over.  So, the best way to eliminate this problem is to have a residential window cleaning service.  They are not as expensive as you think.


When looking for a good residential window cleaning business to take care of your windows you should be sure they have a good reputation.  Word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get for choosing a window cleaning service.  They take good care of the windows; otherwise, you wouldn’t be getting a recommendation to use them.


If you don’t have a recommendation to work on, then look for the type of equipment they are using. If they ask you for a bucket, brush, and water they can use, then you might want to look elsewhere for a window cleaning service.  A good residential window cleaning service will have all the equipment including water; they need to care for your windows.


Another item to look for is how they treat the inside of your house when cleaning your windows.  Most of the time cleaning the outside can be sloppy because there is more dirt, but how they treat the inside of your house it telling.  They should take care to put down mats or water catchers while they are cleaning.  Really good window cleaners don’t need a water catcher because they know how to clean properly.  You shouldn’t have to go behind them and clean up when they are done with your windows.


Check their reliability.  How often do they cancel their appointment? Are they on time? Do you have to wait around for them?  They shouldn’t be more than a half hour later than the appointed time, unless there is a major holocaust in the city.  You shouldn’t have to waste your time waiting for them to show up.


The last thing to look for in a good residential window cleaning service is their insurance or bond.  Most companies will  have insurance that will cover most accidents.  And they are accidents because their reputation is on the line as it is with their bond.  Of course, sometimes they have employees who don’t care about that but you can bet they will fix that problem right away if anything happens to be missing from your home.


The very last item you should check is their prices.  Don’t let the price put you off!  Finding a decent residential window cleaning service is worth every penny.  They only charge what their services are worth. Dates

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